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The Birth Injury Legal Network birth and brain injuries attorneys have identified a few of the most common questions that parents have about birth and brain injuries. We hope that you can find some answers to help you better understand birth and brain injuries. For more information, contact a birth and brain injury attorney at 1-800-732-5243.

How is Cerebral Palsy caused?
Most cases of Cerebral Palsy results from faulty development of, or damage to, the "motor" areas of the brain. Faulty development of these motor areas is caused by brain damage. The most common type of brain damage associated with Cerebral Palsy results from a lack of oxygen to the child's brain. Not all cases of Cerebral Palsy have an easily identifiable cause.

What are the common signs of Cerebral Palsy?
Although there are many signs that doctors use to identify CP, there are some common things that parents can look for:

Poor head control
Difficulty feeding and sucking
Delays in motor development
Lying in awkward positions
Easily or frequently startled
Delay in crawling, walking, pushing up on all fours
Favoring of one hand over the other
Abnormal crawling
Overdeveloped or underdeveloped muscles (child will seem either floppy or stiff)

Early signs of CP usually appear before age 3, and evidence of a birth injury can become apparent as soon as 48 hours after birth. If you notice any of these or any other abnormalities in your child, contact a doctor immediately and then call a brain damage lawyer at 1-800-732-5243.

How is Cerebral Palsy diagnosed?
Doctor's diagnose CP by testing an infant's motor skills and examining the child's medical history. A process of elimination is used to rule out a number of other possibilities, and specialized tests such as an MRI, CT Scan and ultrasonograpy are usually ordered. Doctors also look for conditions that are usually present in children with CP, such as seizure disorders, mental impairment and vision or hearing problems.

How do I know if my doctor's negligence caused my child's birth injury?
There are several tools that birth injury and brain damage attorneys use to prove that a birth or brain injury was caused by negligence or carelessness. Our attorneys will closely observe and investigate every aspect of your pregnancy and childbirth. Your attorney will carefully study the medical records, including neonatal records, the fetal heart monitor and strip, newborn records, and your labor and delivery records. Also, copies of imaging studies performed on the child, including ultrasounds CT scans, or MRIs of the head should be carefully studied. Any deviation from the standard of care is a good indication that negligence has occurred.

What should I do if I think medical negligence may have caused my child's birth injury?
If you suspect your child's birth injury or brain damage may be the result of a doctor's mistake, you need to act right away. Call the birth and brain damage lawyers at 1-800-732-5243 immediately for guidance and advice on how to go about taking the next step. Our birth and brain damage lawyers will start an investigation right away and help you find the truth about your baby's birth injury.

What can a birth and brain injuries attorney do for my child and me?
An experienced birth injury and brain damage attorney can first and foremost help you identify if medical negligence occurred. With a thorough evaluation of your labor and delivery, our trained experts can pinpoint exactly when and if the birth or brain injury was due to negligence. Then our birth and brain injuries attorneys can move forward and come up with a settlement that is fair based on the extent of your child's injury and emotional damage. Although we can't take away the pain that your child's birth injury caused, we can help relieve your financial burden. Call 1-800-732-5243 to set up a consultation with one of our birth injury and brain damage lawyers.

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